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Enabling Business to Run Secure


As practitioners of a business-driven, we see "protecting" differently. To us the concept is not about preventing the business operation, as information security is commonly understood, but about enabling it. Our enabling controls unlock the business to operate efficiently and profitably. By understanding the business requirements clearly, we can translate them into controls that support your business operations

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Historically SAP customers have treated SAP security as a low priority

Why? Because simple SAP implementations focus on customization, user testing and accepting what has been configured, followed by deployment to production with almost unlimited access rights and no controls. Most SAP projects lack the strategic thinking needed to focus on business objectives and realize the full potential of their SAP applications. Only later, when facing internal business pressure, do they realize the complexity of SAP security. The business pressure presents itself as internal and external auditing, segregation of duties conflicts, data leakages, governance compliance issues, and financial and reputational losses. On top of that the SAP security experts (almost all former or currently SAP Basis resources) do not speak the same Enterprise Security language with their counterparts, because the enterprise as a whole is lacking security kernel key, which is the Enterprise Security conceptual thinking.



Our holistic strategy will integrate all Enterprise Security puzzle pieces into one consolidated architectural design. During design we consider all elements including SAP and non-SAP (i.e. MS-Azure/MS-Activity Directory, cloud solutions, firewalls, network security, non-SAP business applications, etc.), focusing on putting the controls in place to enable the business operation.







While companies strive for sustainable profits and IT departments struggle to support business objectives in the face of rapid digital change, REAUCE TOWER offers a cost-effective solution. Our outsourcing proof-of-concept (PoC) projects are designed to offload this burden from internal IT resources, so they can focus on other critical tasks.​​​​​​​

During implementation, the controls that enable the business operation begin to materialize. Our motivated technical dream team challenges itself to build the engine that will ultimately power the business objectives. and deliver value for your company.​​​​​​​

Our architectural plan is the Enterprise Security Architectural blueprint to implement controls that enable the business operation, mitigating risks identified during the business requirements assessment. This holistic architectural plan supports the building of a precise engine, which in turn enables the business operation.

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Conceptual Thinking

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Architecture Design

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Strategic Thinking

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Implementation Phases