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Enabling Business to Run Secure


The importance of monitoring is undeniable, but what and how to efficiently monitor is still a discussion. Advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools are available in the market, but they demand an IT infrastructure-driven approach. Our goal is to combine the best SIEM tools found in the market and customize them to deliver business-driven monitoring—without sacrificing invaluable IT infrastructure monitoring features. REAUCE TOWER deploys a Business Operation Enabling Controls Monitoring System (BOECMS) enhanced with market SIEM tools.

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Monitoring is a must to ensure proper governance of business operation enabling controls, to manage risk and to maintain compliance​​​​​​​

We provide a complete business-driven monitoring system to our customers by implementing a monitoring concept for all aspects of the business. Our proprietary monitoring system, called Business Operation Enabling Controls Monitoring System (BOECMS), is 100% customizable to meet each customer’s business requirements while maintaining IT operation monitoring. Our monitoring system is a combination of best practices, best SIEM tools and a business-driven approach.



While companies strive for sustainable profits and IT departments struggle to support business objectives in the face of rapid digital change, REAUCE TOWER offers a cost-effective solution. Our outsourcing proof-of-concept (PoC) projects are designed to offload this burden from internal IT resources, so they can focus on other critical tasks.







We will implement your SIEM tool while following a business-driven approach. With our SIEM experts and developers we can customize it to meet your needs and monitor risks specific to your business. We can also improve your SIEM tool with business listeners and alerts aligned with your business objectives.

We provide an outsourced monitoring service to unburden your IT operation and free up resources to carry out core business objectives. Our monitoring experts can be allocated on site at your business or work remotely.

We have developed a customer Business Operation Enabling Controls Monitoring System (BOECMS) using artificial intelligence and learning machines. This next-generation approach leverages continuous improvement to remain in sync with business objectives and maintain cost-efficiency for monitoring.

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IT Security Monitoring

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SIEM Tools

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Business Security Monitoring

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