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Enabling Business to Run Secure


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We provide and implement methodology to control the business operation processes

We believe in the power of a proactive approach. Our game plan for auditing is to get ahead by taking action on recommendations as soon as possible. We see auditing as the most valuable KPI for evaluating an organization’s ability to operate profitably and safely. This service frees up customers to focus on core business objectives, while helping them achieve the best balance of business operation with business operation enabling controls.



Following common auditing frameworks and practices such as COSO and ICASA, we provide an anticipatory auditing service meant not as a second audit but as a way to review and implement auditing recommendations from the previous year, and to prepare the enterprise for the next audit.






We provide an outsourced auditing service to unleash the IT operation and the business operation to focus on the business objectives. Our response experts can be deployed to the customer site or remotely.

This service aims to manage the customer’s auditing records, ensure previous recommendations are still enforced and follow up on any outstanding recommendations that could leave the enterprise exposed to future audit issues due to a lack of evidence

Our Accelerated Listening, Learning and Acting service provides auditing listeners to listen to the auditing controls, as well as an auditing learning machine to alert instant deviations and provide guidance for acting on them. This service is a mix of methodology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate auditing compliance


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Responding to IT Controls Breaches

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Permanent Compliance Auditing

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Business Operation Enabling Controls Auditing

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Outsourced Controls Auditing

Although not an auditing company, we are a business partner committed to helping customers achieve compliance with their business operation enabling controls. When an internal or external audit does occur, the enterprise is well prepared and that is reflected in the audit score. We know how hard it is to undergo an audit, decipher the recommendations and resolve the issues in a timely and efficient manner. Our auditing services are specifically designed to help businesses withstand this process and maintain focus on their core business objectives.