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Enabling Business to Run Secure


We believe we can best secure SAP environments and provide added value to our clients in two important ways: First, by assessing Enterprise Security requirements based on the Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) framework. Then, by challenging those requirements based on The Open Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

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How do you overcome security issues when you don´t know the risks your business is exposed to?

The process of identifying business assets, recognizing threats, assessing the potential business impact and analyzing vulnerabilities is known as operational risk assessment. Applying suitable controls to balance security, usability, cost and other business requirements is called operational risk management. this is where REAUCE TOWER begins providing value to customers. Assessing and challenging the business requirements to assess the business risk is the most important task to design the business operation enabling controls.



Using methodology and technology, we quickly deliver the operational risk assessment strictly aligned with business requirements. We design comprehensive diagrams containing all business operation-enabling controls necessary to streamline the business operational process flow for increased profitability.







As the main deliverable, our management report will show essential operational risk management drivers. These drivers support the business operation, unleashing its productivity. Consequently, the enterprise security architect does not hinder the business operation, but rather unleashes the potential for profitability.

We provide complete and fully integrated Enterprise Security Architectural solutions for SAP environments. Contact REAUCE TOWER to find out how we can deliver the strongest Enterprise Security Architecture for your business platform running in SAP.​​​​​​​

We take a business-driven approach, using specialized tools to identify efficiencies for the organization, saving time, money and resources.

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Enterprise Security Requirements

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Enterprise Architect Framework (TOGAF)

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Enterprise Security Architect Framework (SABSA)

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SAP Environment